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  • Zagorohoria (Stone Bridges, Vikos gorge)
  • Ioannina (castle, lake)
  • Museums (cave of Perama, Vrellis museum, Byzantine Museum)
  • Ancient theater, oracle of Dodoni
  • Ancient Nikopolis - Preveza
  • Oracle of Acheron
  • Metsovo
  • Meteora


Ioannina is the largest city of Epirus and capital of the prefecture. Built
on the shores of lake Pamvotis at an altitude of 500 meters, enchants with its beauty and warm atmosphere.
The combination of innumerable historical monuments and museums with the incredible natural beauty of the landscape is a guarantee for visitors.

The castle of Ioannina, the lake with the small island, the cave, the stunning old town with its traditional shops and its fine market, as well as the numerous old mansions that dominate the city, can only attract the interest of the visitor and capture him.


Zagorohoria is a group of 46 beautiful villages, where a person can find
whatever he desires. Some villages have life and some are quite, other villages have incredible views and other are located in the deep forest.
You can see forests but also dry peaks, crystal clear rivers like Voidomatis and alpine lakes, such as dragonflies.
In Zagorohoria the visitor can also admire the traditional architecture of stone and wood, which are the main materials by which the houses were made and still are being made (most of the villages in Zagori are characterized as traditional settlements under the Zagori Order).
The Vikos gorge is also a sight that is worth to see but also to walk, as it is crossed by a European marked trail.


Extraordinary view and rich natural beauties, a place with something more mystical which roots touch the ancient mysteries, Acheron river will always be on the agenda of a traveler, since only one visit is never enough.


A mountainous head village with a strong tradition, built in the Pindus mountain - at altitude of 1,160 - with an impressive view.

It is a commercial and administrative village of the region with significant tourist traffic. It is famous for its local products - cheese, pasta and wine - and handicrafts such as wood carvings and woven fabrics. Thanks to its strategic location, close to the point where Epirus, Thessaly and Macedonia join together, experienced a period of excellence mainly in the 18th century, being a commercial, industrial and intellectual center.


Preveza, thanks to its enormous beaches, its archaeological and historical attractions such as the Acropolis Necromanion and the ancient Nikopolis, as well as its infrastructure, has become a very popular tourist destination.


Meteora is one of the most impressive and most geological monuments not only of Greece but of the whole world. Beyond the peculiarity and beauty of the area of Meteora, it is located there the second largest and most important monastic community in Orthodox Greece. This is why it is considered as the second Holy Mount, which has for centuries preserved the religious and monastic tradition.


Historic sights, crystal clear beaches and organized infrastructure. Parga, having passed Venetian, French, Turkish and English domination, stands proud today in the north-western part of the prefecture of Preveza, embracing the hill "Pezavolos" and calls the visitor to discover it.

Ancient theater, oracle of Dodoni

Dodoni sanctuary, an archeological site of international fame, is located in Dodonea valley few kilometers away from Ioannina. The area is considered to be birthplace of many Greek speaking tribes based on historic sources, as well as findings from the last period of the Copper Age. The sanctuary was dedicated to Naio Zeus and in it had an Oracle area (surrounding the holy acorn tree named Figos), a Theater, a Prytaneum and a Parliament. The most important buildings of the sanctuary were built during the period when Pirros, king of Molossoi reigned, it was also the period that the sanctuary reached the peak of flourishing. Todays archelogical site includes the ancient theater and the ancient house of the oracle.

Louros springs

The Louros (Greek: Λούρος) is a river in the Epirus region, in northwestern Greece. It emerges from the ground in a large spring located immediately north of the village of Vouliasta, in Ioannina regional unit. It flows south through a canyon, and then a dam followed by a hydroelectric power station. The Louros flows past town of Filippiada, forming the boundary between Arta regional unit and Preveza regional unit. The river then veers east into the Preveza regional unit, flowing through the municipality of Louros, named after the river. The Louros then empties into the marshes at the northern end of the Ambracian Gulf.
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